Sentiment Analysis

Conceptual image of a man cupping an assortment of social media icons between his hands depicting networking, community, chat, contacts, solutions and speech bubbles

Real-time calculation of public sentiment and “opinions”  about  products , services, brands  & campaigns  in various  markets, using  freely  available  (ubiquitous)  social media data,  online news and reviews.

  • What is the real-time public perception of our products and services?
  • How effective are our marketing campaigns in the social media space?
  • How effective are we as a brand? What is our brand image?

Campaign Managers (Communications & Marketing) – Use instant feedback on campaigns to adjust tone of voice (TOV) or product communication perspectives. Instantly evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns (PR/Marketing)

Product managers – instantly weigh the public opinion on your brands and products, integrate this feedback with R&D process to ensure optimal product development & market placement



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