R&D Focus Areas

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Brand Algorithmic was launched as a Customer Experience R&D firm. The goal is to incubate advanced customer engagement methodologies using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities.


Sentiment Analysis

Real-time calculation of public sentiment and “opinions”  about  products , services, brands  & campaigns  in various  markets, using  freely  available  (ubiquitous)  social media data,  online news and reviews.

  • What is the real-time public perception of our products and services?
  • How effective are our marketing campaigns in the social media space?
  • How effective are we as a brand? What is our brand image?

Campaign Managers (Communications & Marketing) – Use instant feedback on campaigns to adjust tone of voice (TOV) or product communication perspectives. Instantly evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns (PR/Marketing)

Product managers – instantly weigh the public opinion on your brands and products, integrate this feedback with R&D process to ensure optimal product development & market placement



Descriptive Analytics

Because Customer Experience is not only a strategy for customer connected-ness but also a condition for growth, it is equally important to measure and manage the impact of these efforts. Key Performance Metrics to manage

  • Sales Revenue & Profit
  • EPS
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Product Insight Analysis (Does your product portfolio have a life cycle? What is the correlation of product demand to cost and margin performance, etc.)

eCommerce Personalization

The essence of deploying Neural Network intelligence on e-commerce sites is to enhance personalization, in terms of more intuitive product recommendations for buyers.

Neural networks can learn patterns in human behavior and predict choices. It becomes “smarter” with more user interaction.  In all, this replicates the feel of customers interacting with a well-trained sales associate.



Prescriptive Analytics

The ‘why’ behind customer behavior which will help you develop marketing and customer personalization strategies that will have a greater impact on their customer experience.

  • Identifying patterns of customer behavior to identify pricing and product preference insight across multiple digital channels
  • Pyschographic and Look-alike Audience Insight Strategy
  • Omni-Channel Optimization: optimal channel advert frequency per channel
  • Predict purchase probability or identify opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell




Transformation & Strategy

A focus on the impact of Customer experience Innovation on firms by leveraging Target Operating Models to assess current state capabilities (People, Process, and Technology) and re-engineering business processes to ensure successful adoption.

  • Reference Target Operating Model
  • Business Case Development
  • Capability Assessment
  • Vendor Assessment & Technology Selection
  • Reference Best-of-Breed Digital Architecture
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