Customer Journey Analytics: How to Engage Quicker and Win More Customer-Driven Brand Loyalty

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Customer Journey Analytics: How to Engage Quicker and Win More Customer-Driven Brand Loyalty


When you can manage the customer experience in a more creative and strategic way, consumers will have good thoughts about your brand when they are in research mode and during the time they make their purchases. When you can provide them with more useful and inspiring information, this helps you win over new customers and has a positive impact on customer-driven brand loyalty. Searching online and asking specific questions is a key experience for a consumer and is not just about product-related information. Customer journey analytics help reach out to people during these searches because they help you understand what is behind these customers’ actions and what motivates them towards making their buying decisions.

When you have a full picture instead of just a snapshot of who your customers really are, and can see patterns in how they behave, this greater insight will allow you to know where they are (physically) when they research online; what times they like to do this; and, the devices and channels they prefer. Using big data to help you understand the ‘why’ behind this behavior will help you develop marketing strategies that will have a greater impact on their final decisions. Did you know that a customer completes roughly 60% of his/her decision journey before they even connect with your brand? Here’s how using more in-depth analysis will help.

What Are Customer Journey Analytics?

Web analytics have been around for a long time and help us understand what the customer is doing while they are on our website, but these customers now have different devices and channels they use and are not dedicated to using just one. When they do research, compare prices and make their purchases online or in a physical store, you have to be there with the right information, at that time, so you can close on that deal. Journey analytics combine big data technology with advanced statistics so you can create a positive buying experience for them and help verify the decisions they make. When you can identify data across different customers, channels and touch points, all at the same time, you can make highly informed business decisions quickly.

More In-Depth Data Gathering

Customer journey analytics help gather data from different channels like webpages or social media sites, so you can review those metrics and get a better idea of the types of interactions that happen there. This search data is so valuable to your business because you can see what customers talk about, what they click on when they visit and what their actual needs are. This is especially true on social media sites where reviews can determine whether or not your existing website is providing the right information buyers need. tells us that reviews can affect brand reputation in two different ways. 4 in 5 consumers will reverse their purchase decisions based on negative reviews and positive reviews will push them towards paying even more for products and services than they originally planned. This is why it’s so important to gather this data and connect with these new buyers at the start of their buying journey. At this point, they are usually looking for educational material, customer reviews and testimonials to see what’s out there, and as they interact with your brand; this is a critical time to capture, understand and engage with them as they move along their decision journey.

Know Where Your Customers Are

Customer journey analytics help link together a single customer view, across different channels and devices, so you can understand how your customers interact with your brand. This helps you follow in your customers’ footsteps, gives you more knowledge about where they actually are and what they use to access information throughout their entire life cycle. This requires an investment in the right type of analytics that gives your business the flexibility it needs to have better response times in an ever-changing mobile world.

When you can deliver relevant content in the formats your buyers prefer, which can change during the buying process, this keeps them engaged because they know the information they receive is consistent. By doing this, you generate more customer-driven brand loyalty and people will want to come back, buy other products and services and give positive reviews to all their friends. Information, provided at the right time and through the right channel, is the difference between having an engaged user, an unsatisfied one and a transaction that drives business value.

Put That Data into Action

After gathering and reviewing this data, you have to act on this information to achieve real business results. reports that 66% of smart phone users turn to their phones to look up something they saw in a TV commercial. While 91% of consumers, they say, check their email at least once a day which is how you can attract those buyers who are in the early stages of their journey. Gartner Marketing Researchers also tell us that by 2017, 89% of businesses will compete mainly on customer experience alone. This is because they know how important it is to maximize customer satisfaction in order to realize more success.

Consumers today don’t see their interactions with a brand on different channels as separate experiences. They see each interaction as just one step within a journey towards their ultimate buying decision. Whether it’s on the web, in an app or in a physical store, everything they do in the buying process connects them to you in some way. They don’t just buy the product–they buy the brand, the experience and have positive emotions when they feel as if they can depend on you. Your ultimate goal is to win their loyalty by providing a better customer experience and meeting their needs better than anyone else. By incorporating customer journey analytics into your business plan, this helps you understand what motivates them and inspires more creative marketing strategies.

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